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Ermones Corfu

Located on the west coast of the island, Ermones Corfu is undeniably one of the most beautiful Corfu villages. It is nestled in a sandy cove, surrounded by verdant hills, boasting a magical natural landscape.

Apart from its mesmerizing natural beauty, though, Ermones Corfu is also famous for its mythical background. The legend has it that it was Ermones beach where princess Nausicaa, the daughter of king Alcinous found and rescued shipwrecked Odysseus. According to another legend, the cliffs surrounding Ermones beach are a petrified pirate that once attempted to steal a holy icon from the nearby chapel.

As for Ermones beach, it is considered as one of the best sandy Corfu beaches. Just imagine a big sandy beach with pebbles, surrounded by lush greenery and verdant hills… It’s a paradise for those who seek relaxation in the heart of nature, yet close to all the modern amenities!

Ermones Corfu is also a brilliant base for excursions, as it is at a close distance from picturesque Corfu villages and beautiful Corfu beaches. Speaking of villages, having Ermones Corfu as your starting point, you can visit traditional villages such as Liapades, Pelekas, and Vatos. As for beaches, Glyfada and Myrtiotissa, two of the best Corfu beaches, are just a short drive from Ermones.

What you might not know about Ermones Corfu is that it is the top destination in Corfu for golf lovers! In the verdant Ropa valley in Ermones, you'll find Corfu Golf Club, a huge 18 holes golf course, crossed by Ermones river. Having sets for all players’ categories and equipped with many facilities, Ermones Golf Club is a go-to destination, when it comes to golf!

In Ermones you’ll also find amazing Corfu hotels and Corfu restaurants, as well as many amenities. Besides, it is a popular holidays resort, offering an unforgettable holidays experience, without breaking the bank!

From the breathtaking natural ambiance to exciting activities, Ermones Corfu has what it takes to be your own serene retreat in the natural paradise of Corfu.

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Corfu Town

Corfu Town is the capital of Corfu and one of the most picturesque capitals in Greece.

Strolling around Corfu Town, you’ll feel like living in another era! Venetian grand mansions, squares with colorful flowers, stone-paved alleys, historical Corfu hotels… The influence of the civilizations that have passed from Corfu among the years is obvious, wherever you set your eyes on.

So, when it comes to sightseeing in Corfu town, the list of sites is endless! Some of the most important places for Corfu Town sightseeing, though, are:


Liston Promenade

Located on the western side of Spianada square, Liston promenade is a meeting point for Corfiots. Along the promenade, there are mansions with large arcades, where many elegant restaurants and cafes are housed. Liston is considered as the most cosmopolitan spot of the island!


Spianada Square

Spianada is the biggest square not only in Corfu but also in the whole Balkans! Strolling around Spianada square is a unique experience, as it has a majestic view of the sea, while many events and concerts are also organized here. Chances are you’ll see a band or one of the island’s philharmonics performing, during your stroll at Spianada square. What’s more, in Spianada you’ll find Corfu’s cricket (!) pitch.


Corfu Museum of Asian Art

Housed inside the historical palace of Saint Michael and Saint George, Corfu Museum of Asian Art is one of the most interesting museums you’ll ever visit. It is located at the center of Spianada square and exhibits items from countries such as China, India, Japan and Cambodia.


Old Fortress Corfu

Old Fortress Corfu is one of the most impressive monuments of Corfu Town. Located on the eastern side of the town, this fortress was built by the Venetians in the 15th century. The entrance of the Old Fortress is at Spianada square, where there is also a bridge connecting the fortress with Corfu Town.