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About Corfu

Worldwide known for its beautiful beaches and idyllic natural landscape, Corfu is undeniably one of the most popular Greek islands. It belongs to the Ionian islands complex and it is one of the biggest and greenest islands in Greece! The interesting thing about Corfu, though, is that although touristic development has taken over certain areas, there are still many peaceful Corfu villages and Corfu resorts, where you can immerse yourself in total relaxation.

Verdant hills, enthralling mountain views, amazing beaches, lush vegetation, and rich history make Corfu one of the most interesting islands to visit in Greece. From Odysseus to princess Sissy, many mythical and historical personalities have passed from Corfu. Besides, to be honest, it’s impossible to visit this island and not be captured by its magical atmosphere…

Throughout its enduring history, Corfu has been conquered by many civilizations, such as the Venetians, the British and the French. As a result, Corfu has been influenced by its conquerors on many levels, from architecture to gastronomy, something you'll realize straightaway, visiting the island!

One thing is for sure: Corfu is a place full of revelations and surprises. From neoclassical palaces to imposing fortresses and from mountainous landscapes to amazing beaches, Corfu ticks all the boxes!


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