Corfu Town exploration: The ultimate guide!
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Corfu Town exploration: The ultimate guide!

Either you’re planning on visiting Corfu Town for the first time, or you’ve been there before, you'll agree with us on this: it oozes a unique charm that captivates visitors!

We’re not sure if it’s its strongly influenced by the Venetians architecture, its long history, its culinary scene, its overall calming effect, or a combination of them all, but Corfu town has something that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

So, there’s no doubt that Corfu town exploration is one of the best things to do in Corfu.

Wondering where to start from?

Keep reading to learn everything!

Corfu town in a nutshell

corfu town

Strongly influenced by the Venetians, the French and the Byzantines, Corfu town is characterized by its unique architecture! Narrow cobblestone alleys, Venetian mansions, imposing fortresses, squares full of flowers… It’s not a stretch of imagination to picture counts and countesses strolling around this charming town!

The best way to explore Corfu town is by foot! Stroll around the narrow paved roads, sit at traditional taverns to taste the local delicacies, dive into Corfu’s history at the excellent museums in Corfu town, enjoy the sun at squares full of flowers and buy traditional products from the little local shops... Partake in the culture of this unique island!

Let’s explore Corfu Town together!

Liston Promenade Corfu

liston promenade corfu

Liston Promenade is the main promenade of Corfu town, located on the west side of Spianada square. Constructed by the French, during the French rule from 1807 until 1814, Liston Promenade’s design is inspired by the beautiful Rue de Tivoli, in Paris. Actually, you may spot the resemblance yourself, if you happen to have visited Paris!

It is lined with imposing arcades that now house luxurious restaurants and coffee houses, squeezing out a unique vintage charm. Don’t miss to sit at one of them and taste some of the local delicacies, such as qum quat liqueur!

Trivia: “Liston” derives from the Venetian word “lista”, which means wide and straight pedestrian area.

Spianada Square Corfu

corfu spianada square

Spianada square is not only the biggest square in Corfu, but also the biggest square in the Balkans (84.000 sq. meters)! Apart from flowers, greenery, fountains and kiosks, in Spianada square you’ll also find monuments, such as the cloister of Maitland, the statues of Schulenburg and Guildford, the bronze statue of the English commissioner, Lord Frederick Adam, the palace of Saints Michael and George and the Union Square, where some of the Easter festivities take place.

What’s more, Spianada Square is where Corfu’s cricket pitch is located. Yes, you read that right! During the English rule (1814-1864), the occupants brought with them their national team sport in Corfu. Since then, the Corfiots have been loving cricket. Actually, it is very likely to come across a cricket game!

Old Fortress Corfu

old fortress corfu

Old Fortress Corfu is situated on a rocky peninsula on the east side of Corfu Old Town, protecting Corfu from invasions since the 6th century. You can reach Corfu Old Fortress through an iron bridge connecting the fortress with Spianada square.

Inside the fortress, you’ll find buildings, such as the Venetian prison, the Doric temple of Saint George, two barracks and the English military hospital that now operates as a museum.

When you finish the exploration, sit at the cafe or the restaurant inside the fortress and relax, marveling at the breathtaking view. Even better, plan to visit the Old Fortress in the afternoon, so that you can watch the sun dipping in the vast Ionian sea!

Tip: Apart from being a historical monument, the Old Fortress also hosts many cultural events. So, check beforehand if there’s an event you can attend!

Museum of Asian Art

corfu museum of asian art

Housed inside the imposing palace of Saints Michael and George in Spianada square, the Museum of Asian Art is a must-visit museum in Corfu Town. Its permanent exhibition includes unique items from countries such as China, India, Cambodia, Tibet Nepal and Thailand. Such items are Samurai armor and weapons, sculptures, ceramic objects and more.

For better definition of their origin, the permanent exhibits are divided in the following collections: The Chinese Art Collection, the Japanese Art Collection, the South East Asia Collection and the Central Asia Art Collection. Apart from its permanent exhibition, though, the Museum of Asian Art also hosts many non-permanent exhibitions every year!

Corfu New Fortress

new fortress corfu

Corfu New Fortress dates from the Venetian era, just like Corfu old Fortress, but it was built a bit later than the latter. It is also smaller and shorter than the old one, but equally imposing!

Also known as the Fortress of Saint Mark, the New Fortress was constructed by the Venetians in 1576, in order to offer additional protection to Corfu from invasions. Inside the two-level Corfu New Fortress you’ll find two bastions, a stone made barrack, ammunition depots, water reservoirs and many more well-maintained constructions that- even today- will give you a clear image of the fortress’s initial form.

Tip: Corfu New Fortress boasts the best panoramic view in Corfu, so don’t miss to visit the bar on the top of the fortress to marvel at the beautiful view, sipping on a cocktail. Pure bliss!

Casa Parlante Museum

casa parlante corfu

Casa Parlante is one of the most interesting and “lively” Corfu Museums! Housed in a neoclassical building in the heart of Corfu Town, Casa Parlante Museum brings into life the everyday life of a noble 19th century family!


Through animated figures that, with the help of robotic technology, bring into life the “inhabitants” of the house: the count, the countess, their children, the servants and the rest of the people living in the mansion. Watch the kids play music, smell the freshly cooked food in the kitchen, watch the count reading the paper… It’s a unique opportunity to see how life was back in the 19th century- a must thing to do in Corfu!

...and don’t forget about the food!

avli restaurant corfu

After exploring Corfu Town, chances are you’ll be hungry!

The good thing is that there are many excellent Corfu town restaurants, where you can sit and have a traditional Corfiot meal.

So, let’s see some of the best Corfu restaurants in Corfu Town!


This is one of the most popular places in Corfu to taste the traditional delicacies! Both locals and tourists from all around the world love it for its traditional Corfiot dishes with a modern twist, such as chicken with qum quat sauce and shrimp pasta with ouzo.

The Venetian Well

Are you in a mood for a romantic dinner? Then, the Venetian Well is where you should go! Built right in front of a beautiful Venetian well, this bistro wine restaurant boasts a magical, fairytale-like atmosphere. Apart from the beautiful atmosphere, in Venetian Well you’ll also find a delicious menu and a well-informed wine list!

Naok Azur

Located right by the sea, Naok Azur all day cafe bar restaurant boasts a breathtaking view to the Old Fortress. The good thing about Naok Azur is that you can sit there from morning for breakfast, till night for dinner and cocktails. It’s a great choice for a drink with a view!


Avli is a beautiful traditional tavern in Corfu town, perfect for lunch and dinner! Located in a verdant spot in Corfu town, it boasts a beautiful view to the Old Fortress and serves a good range of traditional Corfiot dishes, fish and seafood.

So, we’re guessing that, by now, you’re probably craving to explore Corfu town…

Besides, how could you not? From amazing historical sights, to charming atmosphere and nice places to eat, Corfu Town has something for everyone!

So, there’s no point on waiting!

Book your stay in Corfu and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Corfu Town!