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Corfu Sightseeing

Corfu’s numerous conquerors, such as the French, the Venetians and the British, have left their mark on the island’s architecture. That’s why exploring Corfu is like time traveling! Venetian mansions, imposing fortresses, churches, traditional villages… There are so many amazing places to see in Corfu, they could fill a lifetime of holidays in Greece! So, what are the best Corfu monuments?

Achillion Palace Corfu

Ideally located in Gastouri village, Achillion Palace is one of the most popular Corfu monuments. It was built in 1890, in order to be the private sanctuary of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sissy. Achillion is a beautiful two-floors palace, designed based on Sissy’s love for classical Greece. It is surrounded by a verdant garden, decorated with statues. The palace now operates as a museum and conference center.


Panagia Vlacherna and Mouse Island

Panagia Vlacherna church and Mouse Island are the trademarks of Corfu! Panagia Vlacherna is a beautiful whitewashed church, located on a tiny islet at Kanoni area. To reach it, you have to cross a 300m passage that connects Kanoni with Panagia Vlacherna. Behind this islet, there is a verdant, yet tiny island, the famous Mouse island. Small fishing boats depart frequently from Panagia Vlacherna to Mouse island, giving you the chance to visit both sites in one visit!


Corfu Old Town

Corfu Old Town is a monument on its own! The influence of the many cultures that have passed from Corfu through the years is obvious in every corner... Elegant mansions, imposing fortresses, neoclassical and medieval buildings...The architectural magic of Corfu will captivate you! Once in Corfu Old Town, don’t miss to visit Corfu Old Fortress, the Museum of Asian Art, Liston promenade and Spianada Square!


Mon Repos Palace

Located where the Ancient Town of Paleopolis used to be, Mon Repos Palace was built by the British commissioner of the Ionian islands, Friedrich Adam in 1831. Mon Repos, meaning "my rest", has a historical significance, as it was where Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of the queen of England, Elizabeth II was born. It was also where princess Sissy was lodged when she fell in love with Corfu and decided to build Achillion Palace. Mon Repos now houses the Museum of Paleopolis, while there are over 2,000 plants thriving at its garden.


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