7+1 reasons why people love Ermones Corfu (and you will, too!)
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7+1 reasons why people love Ermones Corfu (and you will, too!)

Can we be totally honest with you? Ermones Corfu is one of the best-kept secrets of the beautiful Ionian island!

Although it may be a rather popular resort, it remains relatively unknown compared to Corfu town.

Nestled into a picturesque cove on the west side of Corfu, Ermones village has a lovely view to the Ionian sea and the natural surroundings.

But there’s a lot more to do here than just enjoying the natural landscape.... From amazing Ermones hotels to traditional taverns and restaurants, Ermones Corfu ticks all the boxes!

So, it’s not a surprise that travelers adore this place!

Keep reading to discover not one, not two, but 8 reasons why people love Ermones.

Shall we start?

1.Ermones Corfu is a mythical place

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel coast with crystal clear waters

According to the myth, Ermones cove was where Nausicaa, the daughter of king Alcinous, found shipwrecked Odysseus, when she was washing the clothes with her girlfriends. The description of the place by Homer in its well-known epic Odyssey matches perfectly with the wild natural landscape of Ermones.

The myths linked to Ermones village don’t stop here, though!

According to a local tradition, the cliffs surrounding Ermones cove are a petrified pirate that attempted to steal an icon from the chapel located on the top of the hill behind Ermones beach. Indeed, there is a cliff, the shape of which looks like a human figure...

Do you believe in such legends?

Whatever the answer might be, it’s so exciting to spend your Corfu holidays in a place with such a mythical background!

2.Ermones beach is an endless sandy paradise

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel tourists in the sandy beach surrounded by green vegetation

Just imagine a big sandy beach with pebbles, blending in majestic deep crystal clear waters…

Sounds good, right?

Surrounded by rocky hills and lush vegetation, Ermones beach boasts a unique natural landscape that captures the visitors!

Ermones beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while you can find many taverns and cafes around it. What’s more, it’s easily accessible and has a parking space.

Searching for some privacy?

There are many isolated coves along the shores, where you can relax undisturbed!

Ermones beach is also the perfect place for those who love swimming. The crystal clear water and the natural surroundings of the beach make swimming in Ermones a unique experience!

3.It is the perfect starting point for excursions

liapades village

If you’re someone who likes to explore places that are under the radar, then you’ll love the villages near Ermones Corfu.

Liapades village

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel liapades village has picturesque houses and is surrounded by a lot of trees

Untouched by mass tourism and modern times, Liapades village is a hidden gem close to Ermones! It is built on a verdant hill, boasting a beautiful rural landscape, while it is one of the oldest villages in Corfu. Its magic never fails to capture the visitors!

A stroll around this village will make you fall even deeper in love with Corfu… Traditional Ionian architecture, colorful flowers blooming everywhere and locals with a warm smile on their face will make you feel like you’ve spent your childhood summers here!

And if you like hiking, you’ll be happy to know that Liapades is a hiking paradise, as there are many hiking paths and caves to explore in the area.

Pelekas village

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel pelekas village has various small houses and shops in Corfu

This is another gem close to Ermones, with a fantastic sunset view!

Allow us to paint the scene: Just imagine watching the sun sinking in the deep blue Adriatic sea from a little traditional village nestled in a lush green landscape... Sounds dreamy, right?

In Pelekas village you’ll also find a small beach, which may not be developed, by it has some facilities and many restaurants.

While in Pelekas village, don’t pass the opportunity to visit a local tavern and taste the best traditional delicacies with a breathtaking sea view!

Bottom line: Pelekas village is very close to some of the best Corfu beaches, such as Glyfada and Myrtiotissa.

Vatos village

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel vatos traditional village with picturesque houses

Just a few minutes drive from Ermones, you’ll find another picturesque village, Vatos.

Built on Ai Giorgis mountain, Vatos village boasts a lush green landscape, while it is surrounded by the majestic Ropa valley, a vast meadow, full of olive trees, vineyards and cultivations. What’s more, Ermones river crosses the valley, forming many smaller lakes and making the landscape even more idyllic.

The area around Vatos village is also an important natural reserve for many bird, fish and other animal species. If you’re into nature explorations, you’re going to love this village!

4.Ermones is in the heart of the nature

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel landscape consists of green vegetation and blue waters

When it comes to natural beauty, Ermones will surprise you!

Nestled in a picturesque bay, surrounded by dramatic hills, olives and pine trees, Ermones village is situated literally in the heart of the nature. Despite the touristic development and the many Corfu hotels built in the area, Ermones manages to stay unspoiled, boasting a unique landscape!

Except for its idyllic setting, Ermones is the perfect starting point for hiking and excursions in western Corfu. Starting from Ermones, you can visit beautiful traditional settlements and explore many of the nature’s secrets.

5.Corfu Golf Club

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel golf club offers many courses in a large, green location

Good news for the golf lovers!

There’s a big, 18 holes golf course in Ermones! Designed by the Swiss architect Donald Harradine, Corfu Golf Club is located in an idyllic location, surrounded by groves and verdant hills. It has been characterized as one of the best golf courses in Europe and has facilities such as bar, Wi-Fi, restaurant and even a wedding reception organization service.

The best part?

The visitors can play golf almost all year round, as the weather in Corfu is generally mild!

6.At Corfu hotels in Ermones, you feel like home

ermones corfu philoxenia seaside hotel

Truth is, there are Corfu hotels for every taste and budget. Quite frankly, staying in a beautiful Corfu hotel, surrounded by lush nature, is one of the best experiences you can have during your Corfu holidays!

If you’re searching for a place to kick back and relax, in Ermones Corfu you’ll find a great variety of Corfu accommodation options.

Are you looking for the perfect destination for family holidays in Greece?

Ermones Corfu ticks all the boxes! From the serene atmosphere, to the many kids friendly hotels, the environment is perfect for unforgettable family holidays!

7.Ermones village is close to some of the best Corfu beaches

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel glyfada sandy beach attracts many tourists

Corfu is full of amazing beaches, so it’s not exactly unexpected that Ermones is very close to some of the best Corfu beaches!

Ermones beach is great, but if you’d like a different beach experience, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful shores dotted around Ermones.

Some of the best beaches you can find close to Ermones are Myrtiotissa and Glyfada.

Myrtiotissa beach

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel myrtiotissa beach attracts many tourists because of its crystal blue waters

Myrtiotissa is an idyllic sandy beach, “the loveliest beach in the world”, according to the renown English writer Lawrence Durrell. And the truth is that Myrtiotissa is indeed one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu.

Nestled between the villages Valtos and Pelekas on the western part of Corfu, Myrtiotissa beach boasts a majestic landscape, as it is surrounded by verdant cliffs. The green of the mountains meets the blue of the sea and the golden of the sand to create a magical scenery that captivates the visitors...

Bottom line: The natural landscape of Myrtiotissa beach remains unspoiled, as there aren’t any facilities. So, if you’re someone who likes pristine beaches, this beach will be your paradise!

Glyfada beach

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel glyfada beach has sandy cost and attracts many visitors

Glyfada beach is a dreamy sandy beach, surrounded by verdant hills and cliffs that highlight its wild natural ambiance.

Awarded with a Blue Flag for its cleanliness and safety, Glyfada beach also has amenities, covering all the bases, from umbrellas and sunbeds, to restaurants and water sports facilities.

But this beach is famous for one thing in particular: its dreamy sunset view. Watching the sun sinking in the sea, just in front of the sandy shore, while the sky breaths fire, is a unique experience!

8.In Ermones Corfu, you’ll eat delicious food

ermones corfu philoxenia hotel pastitsada traditional local Greek food

Leaving the best for last, it’s not a secret that the food in Corfu is out of this world! To be honest, nothing will prepare you for the yumminess of Corfiot cuisine and its tasty dishes...

Strongly influenced by the Venetian occupation of the island, gastronomy in Corfu is based on fish, meat, pasta, herbs and spices. Some of the most popular Corfiot dishes are…


Pastitsada is a meat cooking technique, according to which, meat is cooked with tomato sauce, spices, oil, nutmeg, onion, laurel, cinnamon, garlic and red wine. It is served with pasta and grated cheese.


Sofrito is a meat dish that consists of fried thin slices of beef cooked with white sauce, garlic, pepper, vinegar, white wine and parsley. It is usually served with a side of mashed peas or potatoes.


Bourdeto is a fish dish with onion, red pepper, tomato sauce and lemon juice.


Bianco is fish cooked with lemon juice, garlic, parsley and onion in a pot. It is usually served with potatoes and bread.

Are you already drooling?

There are some amazing taverns in Ermones, such as Nausicaa tavern, Village Taverna George and Taverna Maria, where you can taste freshly made Corfiot dishes with a sea view!

All in all, Ermones Corfu is just too good to miss!

From amazing sandy beaches to yummy food and excellent accommodation options, it is a charming place for everyone who wants to experience their best Greece holidays in a natural paradise.

There’s no point in waiting!

Book your ferry tickets to Corfu and let the adventure begin!