Corfu villages: Introduce yourself in the island’s charming tradition
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Corfu villages: Introduce yourself to the island’s charming tradition village by village

What comes into your mind when you think of Corfu villages?

Fishing boats, little stone houses, small traditional taverns, colorful courtyards, narrow cobblestone alleys and wild natural ambiance?

If so, you’re absolutely right! This is what Corfu villages is all about!

Corfu island counts over 20 quaint villages, one better than the other. From hilltop traditional settlements, to beautiful seaside fishing villages, Corfu villages are diverse, yet equally picturesque! Although the island is, touristically developed in general, the most Corfu villages manage to stay untouched by the mass tourism, oozing charm in abundance.

So, are you ready to explore the best Corfu villages?

Keep reading!

Ano Korakiana Corfu

ano korakiana corfu

Ano Korakiana is one of the island’s oldest traditional settlement, located 19 km from Corfu Town. Perched on the foothills of the mountains Korentis and Korakio, Ano Korakiana boasts a beautiful natural landscape and an elegant vibe, thanks to the well preserved houses, where noble families were living back in the 18th century.

Strolling around the narrow alleys of Ano Korakiana, you’ll discover beautiful stone-made houses, over 37 churches, beautiful gardens embellished with colorful flowers and traditional taverns. This intimate little village will enchant you!

Argyrades village Corfu

argyrades corfu

Argyrades is another rural Corfu village, built on the slopes of a verdant hill, 33 km south of Corfu Town. This village’s architecture is strongly influenced by the Venetians, so expect to see narrow cobblestone lanes and houses built next to each other. Having been declared a preserved settlement since 1977, Argyrades village stands out for its authenticity.

Very close to this beautiful village, you’ll find Agios Georgios beach, while 4-5 km from Argyrades, there are two of the best Corfu beaches: Marathia beach and Issos beach.

Tip: Next to Issos beach, lies one of the best natural attractions of Corfu, Korission lake, a protected wetland, where more than 120 animal and bird species find shelter. Don’t miss to visit it!

Liapades village Corfu

liapades corfu village

Liapades village is located on the west coast of Corfu, 20 km from Corfu Town. Still untouched by the mass tourism, this quaint village has a unique charm!

Sitting on a hill near Paleokastritsa, Liapades village boasts a beautiful natural ambiance. The village is, like the most of Corfu villages, influenced by Venetian architecture. The main square of the village, where Agia Anastasia church is located, is a meeting point for the locals and also where most of the traditional taverns and coffee shops lie.

Close to Liapades village, you’ll find many beautiful beaches, such as Rovinia beach, Glyko beach and Limni beach.

Kassiopi village Corfu

kassiopi corfu village

Kassiopi Corfu is a charming village located on the northeast part of the island, 38 km north of Corfu Town. Thanks to its beautiful setting and rich history, Kassiopi is one of the most popular Corfu resorts! Insulated by hills carpeted with olive groves, this village boasts a wonderful landscape, ideal for laid-back holidays in Corfu.

In Kassiopi Corfu you’ll find many facilities and accommodations, as well as a collection of restaurants, bars, cafes and taverns. And if you crave a dip in the Ionian waters, near Kassiopi village, you’ll find some beautiful Corfu beaches, such as Kalamaki, Agios Stefanos and Avlaki.

Moraitika village Corfu

moraitika corfu village

Moraitika is a seaside traditional settlement located on the southwest part of Corfu, 20 km from Corfu Town. Insulate by olive groves and overlooking the cobalt Ionian sea, this village is a hidden gem worth exploring!

Wander around the narrow paths, visit the traditional church of the village, taste the local delicacies at the little taverns and enjoy the beautiful sandy Moraitika beach. You'll soon realize that although Moraitika has been transformed into a touristic resort during the last years, it hasn’t lost its traditional essence!

Fact: In Moraitika you’ll find many accommodation options, cafes, restaurants, bars and amenities.

Palia Perithia village Corfu

palia perithia corfu village

Located 40 km from Corfu Town, Palia Perithia (Old Perithia) is one of the island’s hidden treasures. This unique villages lies on the slopes of Pantokrator mountain and is one of the most authentic Corfu villages, as it has been inhabited since the 14th century.

Today, Palia Perithia village is a preserved settlement and has been declared a “Designated Area of Natural Beauty”! Strolling at the cobblestone narrow alleys of this village, you’ll feel transported back to the Venetian era. The stone-made Venetian houses and the natural surroundings of Palia Perithia village create a unique, nostalgic atmosphere... It's more than worth your time!

Lakones village Corfu

lakones corfu

Lakones is a quaint village, perched on the slopes of a verdant hill, 4 km from Paleokastritsa. Built on an altitude of 182 m., Lakones village boasts a spectacular view to the natural surroundings and the sea.

Lakones has managed to maintain its traditional identity throughout the years. Thus, it’s perfect for those who seek a laid-back destination in the heart of the nature! What’s more, a visit to Lakones village will introduce you to the locals’ traditional way of living. So, don’t be surprised if you encounter women wearing traditional costumes!

Tip: Did you know that Lakones is one of the best Corfu villages for hiking? If you are a hiking enthusiast, don't miss to follow the hiking paths that lead to Paleokastritsa!

Lefkimi village Corfu

lefkimi village corfu

Lefkimi village, which lies on the south part of the island, is one of the biggest and most traditional Corfu villages. Located in the middle of a verdant area carpeted with olive groves and vineyards, Lefkimi village boasts a beautiful natural ambiance!

Narrow alleys, tall stone-made houses, beautiful churches, such as Agios Arsenios and Agioi Theodoroi, charming squares and a river create a nostalgic atmosphere that will captivate you!

Benitses village Corfu

benitses corfu village

Benitses is one of the most popular seaside villages in Corfu! Located 14 km from Corfu Town, the former fishing village has been transformed in a cosmopolitan resort, attracting many tourists every summer!

In Benitses village you’ll find a plethora of hotels, apartments, delightful restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars, along with many amenities. So, this village is the ideal place to stay if you want to live the authentic Corfu holidays experience by the sea, without being far from modern facilities.

Close to Benitses village, you’ll find many beaches with clean crystal clear waters, both shingle and sandy, where you can lay under the sun and take a dip in the enticing waters of the Ionian sea!

Pelekas village Corfu

pelekas corfu

Pelekas is a postcard-perfect traditional settlement, 13 km from Corfu town. Sitting on a verdant hill, among olive groves, and pine trees, it boasts a beautiful panoramic view to the natural surroundings.

Pelekas is famous for one thing in particular: “Kaiser's throne”, a specific spot with panoramic view to the island, the sea and the sunset. It took its name from the German emperor Wilhelm II, who used to enjoy the view from this spot.

Tip: Pelekas village is a perfect base to explore the nearby Corfu beaches, such as Kontogialos and Glyfada, but also has its own little beach.

To sum up, the best way to introduce yourself in Corfu tradition and the local way of living, is to visit the quaint Corfu villages. What’s more, if you’re someone who likes laid-back holidays, surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere, Corfu villages will reward you with tranquility!

Corfu villages can’t be missing from your bucket list!