Hotel Philoxenia welcomes you to Summer 2017 in Corfu
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Hotel Philoxenia welcomes you to Summer 2017 in Corfu

Not many days left for the start of Summer 2017 for the Philoxenia Hotel. A summer we are anticipating impatiently, since this year the island of Corfu is expected to be full of tourists both from Greece and abroad. We at Corfu hotel of Philoxenia are poised also in 2017 to offer - as we do every year - 101% of our services to our esteemed customers. You can find the new services we provide in our hotel, but also the reasons why you should visit us, in our blog.

Summer Holidays in Corfu 2017

This summer, as we mentioned before, it is expected that a host of tourists will vacation in Corfu, both Greeks and foreigners, mainly English, French, Italian and Russian. On our part, since we want to live up to our name Filoxenia (friend+guest), this year we decided to put forward several new services, with the aim of taking care of our favorite guests even better.

  • Complimentary Welcome Drink: We welcome you with a local drink, Cum Cuat which surely even our Greek guests have not tried. We should also mention that in the bar of Philoxenia Hotel in Corfu, you can try one of our best cocktails, an excellent mojito, prepared by Mr. Takis, the owner of the hotel.
  • ATM. At a distance of a few meters, we installed - with the help of the rest of the hotels in the Ermones region - an ATM, so that you don’t need to travel to the city of Corfu to do your banking.
  • Complimentary transport to and from Port/Airport. After acquiring a new 7-seater van, our hotel offers free transport to and from the Port, and to and from the Airport of Corfu.

Holidays and Golf

Merely 1km from our Corfu hotel lies the Corfu Golf Club, where golf lovers can indulge in their favorite game while vacationing, and also watch world-renowned games, since professional golfers from the greatest clubs of England, France and Italy have graced this club with their presence all these years.