Top 10 best Corfu beaches: The only list you’ll ever need
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Top 10 best Corfu beaches: The only list you’ll ever need

Fact: Among Corfu beaches, there are there are some of the best beaches not only in Greece, but also in the world!

Sandy, pebbly, isolated or cosmopolitan, Corfu beaches may be characterized by their diversity, but they have one thing in common: Breathtaking natural landscapes. Given that Corfu is one of the greenest Greek islands, it stands out for the verdant ambiance of its beaches!

The truth is that there are many crowded Corfu beaches, but there’s always the option of the more isolated northwest and northeast coasts! Besides, with over 45 Corfu beaches in total, there’s no way you won’t find the perfect beach for you.

Now, you might think that you have no clue what the best beaches in Corfu are, but we got you covered!

Keep reading to discover the top 10 best Corfu beaches to visit in your Corfu holidays.

Cause variety is the key!

1.Canal d’Amour beach, Sidari

canal d'amour beach corfu

Canal d’Amour is hands down the most interesting beach in Corfu! Its name means “the channel of love”, due to the canals with turquoise waters that characterize its morphology. Located near Sidari village, Canal d’Amour is a natural wonder, thanks to the beautiful rock formations, carved by the water and the wind, that surround the small sandy beach. Due to its popularity, it is often crowded, so we suggest you visit it early in the morning, to enjoy the serene version of Canal d’Amour. Also, don't miss to explore the hidden coves and caves around the beach! Trivia: The legend has is that the couples that swim together in Canal d’Amour beach will stay forever in love!

2. Glyfada beach, Glyfada

glyfada beach corfu

Glyfada beach is probably the most popular Corfu beach, thanks to its many beach bars and breathtaking natural landscape. Nestled in a sandy cove and insulated by verdant hills carpeted with olives and pine trees, Glyfada beach boasts a breathtaking scenery. Even though, this beach often gets crowded, you can find some privacy at the southernmost part of it. Tip: Glyfada beach can be reached by car, while there are also local buses serving itineraries to this beach during the summer months.

3. Ermones beach, Ermones

ermones beach

Ermones is a enticing organized beach located at Ermones village, on the west coast of Corfu. This beach is sandy with pebbles and has mesmerizing crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and underwater exploration. Apart for its beauty, Ermones beach is also famous for its mythical background. According to the myth, Ermones was the beach where princess Nausicaa, the daughter of king Alcinous found and rescued shipwrecked Odysseus. Tip: There are many beautiful Corfu hotels built behind the beach, offering the perfect seaside location for your stay.

4. Agios Gordios beach, Sinarades

agios gordios beach corfu

The endless sandy Agios Gordios beach is one of the most popular Corfu beaches. Perched under the foothills of a verdant mountain, this beach boasts a majestic natural setting, while it is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. A long sandy coast, turquoise waters and lush vegetation create a unique scenery.  As for facilities, at Agios Gordios beach you’ll find taverns, restaurants, beach bars and water sports facilities. The trademark of Agios Gordios beach, though, is a huge impressive rock emerging from the sea on the south part of the beach, known as “Ortholithi”.

5. Issos beach, Hlomos

issos beach corfu

Issos beach is the definition of endless sandy paradise! It is located on a huge sandy dotted with big impressive sand dunes. No wonder why its is known as “the Sahara of Corfu”! The location of Issos beach is ideal, in terms of natural beauty, as at this beach you’ll also find a beautiful cedar forest and Korission lake, one of the most important natural reserves of the island! In Issos beach you won’t find touristic facilities, but the impressive natural setting is more than enough to make it one of your all time favorite beaches. Tip: Make sure you stay until the sun goes down, to watch the sunset from the sand dunes.

6. Loggas beach, Peroulades

loggas beach

Located in picturesque Peroulades village, on the northwest part of Corfu, Loggas beach is, undoubtedly, an impressive beach! Surrounded by magnificent rock formations and steep cliffs, Loggas boasts one of the most breathtaking landscapes of the island. This beach, though, is famous for one thing in particular: spectacular sunsets! Watching the sun sinking in the Ionian sea from the seashore is a unique experience. Bare in mind, though, that Loggas gets crowded in the sunset, so make sure you’ll arrive before the sundown. Tip: Feel free to use the clay of the cliffs to give yourself a natural spa treatment!

7. Paleokastritsa beach, Paleokastritsa


Paleokastritsa is a majestic organized beach with deep, cold waters, surrounded by an idyllic countryside landscape, carpeted by olives. Located in cosmopolitan Paleokastritsa resort, on the island’s west coast, this beach offers a complete Corfu holidays experience. Water sports facilities, restaurants, Corfu hotels and all kinds of amenities make it a popular destination for families and couples that want to relax in a rural environment, without sacrificing the perks of modern life. Tip: Paleokastritsa is actually divided in 6 separate beaches, varying from sandy to pebbly. Explore them and find the perfect one for you!

8. Liapades beach, Liapades

liapades beach corfu

Liapades beach is a beautiful beach, located on the northern coast of Corfu, 30 km away from Corfu Town. Thanks to its proximity to Paleokastritsa, this beach’s landscape is very similar to that of its neighboring beaches: verdant natural scenery, emerald cold waters, sand and pebbles. Nature lovers will absolutely love this beach, as it is surrounded by vineyards and verdant hills, while the many caves that are found in Liapades are ideal for exploration! Tip: Given that the waters are clear and the sea bottom of the beach is very interesting, snorkeling is a must activity to do in Liapades.

9. Gardenos beach, Vitalades

gardenos beach corfu

Gardenos beach is a hidden gem in Corfu! Located close to Vitalades village, Gardenos beach is a beautiful 2 km long sandy beach, boasting a wild natural landscape. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, offering many facilities, such as restaurants, cafes, a big parking lot and a mini market. Surrounded by green hills and cypress forests, Gardenos has a unique atmosphere, ideal for those who seek relaxation and tranquility. Tip: To reach Gardenos beach, you should pass through Vitalades village. Make sure you’ll do a quick stop to explore this beautiful village!

10. Agios Georgios Pagon beach, Agios Georgios Pagon

agios georgios pagon beach corfu

Located in the beautiful Agios Georgios Pagon resort, Agios Georgios Pagon beach is one of the most beautiful Corfu beaches. Surrounded by cypresses and olive groves, it has a majestic natural backdrop. This large sandy beach is ideal for families, as it offers plenty of space for the kids to enjoy games by the beach. Agios Georgios Pagon is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, while it is ideal for water sports and diving! What’s more, in Agios Georgios Pagon you’ll find many facilities, such as restaurants, taverns and cafes, where you can sit and enjoy a meal or a drink, watching the sunset, after a long day at the beach.

So, we’re guessing that by now you have dreamed yourself laying under the sun and swimming at these brilliant beaches! In truth, whatever Corfu beach you might visit, you’ll be captivated by its breathtaking natural scenery and beauty.

So, it’s your turn now!

Plan your summer holidays in Corfu and make the dream of visiting these beautiful beaches come true!