Escape to Kefalonia: Get to know the emerald gem of the Ionian sea
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Escape to Kefalonia: Get to know the emerald gem of the Ionian sea

In the heart of the emerald waters of the Ionian sea lies Kefalonia, one of the most breathtaking Greek islands!

Although the island has been touristically developed during the last years, it has managed, mainly thanks to its large size, to keep its traditional charm and not to be blighted by over-development.

Famous for its exotic beaches, turquoise crystal clear waters, verdant natural landscapes and picturesque little villages, Kefalonia is the perfect island to spend your holidays in Greece- especially if you are a nature lover.

Are you ready to explore the miraculous Kefalonia island?

Why Kefalonia?


Kefalonia is the biggest and one of the most exotic Ionian islands, together with Corfu, Lefkada and Zakynthos!

Standing in the heart of the Ionian sea, on the west part of Greece, Kefalonia became particularly famous from the 2001 movie “Captain Corelli’s mantolin”, which was filmed there. Indeed, its infinite sandy coasts and verdant forests make it the perfect filming location!

Although the devastating earthquake of 1953 destroyed most of the island, Kefalonia’s tradition is still reflected on the scapes of its quaint seaside villages that ooze charm in abundance!

From families with little kids, to groups of friends and couples, Kefalonia is the ideal summer escape for everyone, as it offers a whole heap of things to do and places to visit!

The mesmerizing Kefalonia beaches

myrtos beach kefalonia

There’s no way you visit Kefalonia and not explore its gorgeous beaches. In truth, Kefalonia beaches are one of a kind!

Having the most magical turquoise waters, sugar fine sand, white shiny pebbles and boasting breathtaking landscapes, Kefalonia beaches will leave you speechless with their exotic beauty.

So, what are the must-visit beaches in Kefalonia?

Myrtos Kefalonia

myrtos kefalonia

Myrtos beach is probably the most famous Kefalonia beach! Located 30 km from Argostoli, the island’s capital, Myrtos is insulated by verdant cliffs and has white shiny pebbles and crystal clear turquoise water. Its setting will seduce you!

Antisamos Kefalonia

antisamos beach kefalonia

Antisamos is one of the most visited and beautiful Kefalonia beaches! Located 27 km from Argostoli, this beach boasts a mindblowing natural landscape. Antisamos beach is surrounded by lush green hills and vegetation, while it has clean cobalt waters!

Lourdas Kefalonia

lourdas beach kefalonia

Lourdas is a well organized beach in Kefalonia, located 17 km from Argostoli. Having a verdant backdrop and crystal clear waters, this beach is a top choice for those who want to spend a beach day in the nature, without sacrificing modern facilities.

Skala Kefalonia

skala beach kefalonia

Skala is a gorgeous long sandy beach, sitting on the southern part of Kefalonia. Nestled in a cove surrounded by lush green hills, this beach has a Blue Flag status, thanks to its cleanliness. If you like underwater exploration, you’ll love this beach, as it is ideal for snorkeling.

Melissani Cave Kefalonia

melissani cave kefalonia

Melissani Cave is an impressive natural wonder in Kefalonia Greece! Just imagine a cave with a turquoise underground lake, surrounded by forests and stalactites. The sunlight peeks into the cave from a whole on the top of it, illuminating the waters of the lake. Pure magic! There are little boats that tour around the lake, giving visitors the chance to feel the ethereal vibe of Melissani Cave firsthand!

Kefalonia villages

assos kefalonia

Like its neighboring islands of Corfu and Zakynthos, Kefalonia has some beautiful villages that keep its traditional charm alive!

Fiscardo Kefalonia

fiskardo village kefalonia

Located 50 km from Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, Fiscardo village is one of the island’s most picturesque villages! Fiscardo is built around a beautiful harbor, where many little boats moor, creating a postcard-perfect scenery. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere and quaint ambiance make it a much loved destination for thousands of visitors!

Assos Kefalonia

assos village kefalonia

The charming Assos village sits on a small peninsula, 36 km from Argostoli in Kefalonia. It stands out for its traditional architecture, vintage elegance and tranquil atmosphere that seduces its visitors. Stroll around its narrow alleys, capture the traditional colorful houses, discover old churches and hidden paths… Immerse yourself in the traditional charm of Assos!

Argostoli Kefalonia

argostoli kefalonia

Argostoli is the capital Kefalonia. Insulated by verdant mountains, this little town has a wonderful setting. Have a break from the beach life and stroll around the paved alleys of Argostoli, where you’ll discover many museums, monuments and photo-worthy corners. What’s more, in Argostoli you’ll find a great selection of restaurants, traditional taverns, hotels and many more amenities!

Corfu or Kefalonia?

corfu town

Well... Why do you have to choose?

Visit them both!

Corfu and Kefalonia both belong to the Ionian islands group and have many things in common, such as strongly influenced by the Venetians architecture, impressive monuments and amazing exotic beaches.

Given that Corfu is an island that literally breaths history, Corfu sightseeing in one of the best experiences you'll have in the Ionian.

As for Corfu beaches...what can we say? They are out of this world! Sandy and shrine, crowded and isolated with turquoise waters and beautiful natural surroundings, they'll bewitch you!

Is this all?

Of course not!

This is just a taste of the whole heap of things you can discover and do in Kefalonia. This Ionian island hides many surprises for all types of travellers!